'Rainbow Six Siege' DLC news: Year Two content roadmap revealed, new operators and maps incoming

(Rainbow Six Siege official website)Year Two additions coming to 'Rainbow Six Siege' detailed

After confirming a while ago that "Rainbow Six Siege" will continue to receive downloadable content support throughout next year, developers have now gone ahead and outlined the new additions coming to the game.

Developers revealed that the Year Two content roadmap for the game will be similar to what was featured this year.

Four different countries are again set to be featured next year, and developers revealed them in a new post on the game's official website.

For season one, players can look forward to seeing a new DLC pack that will prominently feature the country of Spain. The Spain-centric DLC pack is expected to come out sometime in February.

Developers will then take players to Hong Kong for season two, and season three is expected to shine the spotlight on Poland.

The "Rainbow Six Siege" DLC pack slated to come out for season four will focus on South Korea.

Again, similar to this year, all four upcoming DLC packs are expected to contain new operators and maps. To be more specific, eight new operators and four new maps will be released in Year Two.

Also expected to be included in these DLC packs are new weapons and cosmetic items.

The Year Two season pass for "Rainbow Six Siege" is also available now for interested players. Along with the new maps and operators, the Year Two season pass will also provide gamers with new pieces of headgear as well as eight unique uniforms. Some additional credits and the R6 Carbon charm are also bundled together in the Year Two season pass.

Players still eager to learn more about what Year Two will mean for the game will want to tune in to the "Six Invitational" event that's set to start on Feb. 3, 2017. More details about Year Two of "Rainbow Six Siege" are expected to be revealed then.

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