'Reign' Season 3 News Spoilers: third season will see more of Queen Elizabeth, court intrigue, backstabbing, and romance


May 15, 2015 saw the airing of season 2 finale of the CW's popular period show, "Reign" . The show, which revolves around a fictional tale of the life of Mary Queen of Scotland, premiered in October 2013 and has since developed a fairly considerable following.

During the finale, a revelation regarding Mary's pregnancy is uncovered - confirming that her supposed child with Louis is just a ploy aimed to defeat him at all cost. Another pivotal moment during the 22nd episode was Bash finally discovering that Kenna is carrying Renaude's child and not his. This betrayal makes him reject Kenna's intention to get back together.

However, the juiciest plot twist that crowned the end of the season was perhaps Catherine's exile and subsequent turncoat. With her plot to frame Louis for the kidnapping of Lola and her son discovered by Francis, she is banished from the courts. Catherine, wanting revenge, seeks the help of none other than Queen Elizabeth of England.

With so much left to be answered and a trove of new information introduced in the last episode, fans are desperately trying to figure out what will happen in the show's third season.

Several reports have confirmed that with the introduction of Queen Elizabeth, the third season would primarily be set in England. According to Laurie Mccarthy, the show's executive producer, the introduction of the Queen is a long time coming and an inevitable part in the story of Mary Queen of Scots.

"We're really excited about Season 3. You'll see more of Queen Elizabeth, more court intrigue, more backstabbing, more front stabbing, more romance and love as our queens and our kings all struggle to hold onto power and love," said Mccarthy.

The third season of "Reign" is scheduled to be premiered in October with its broadcast being moved from Thursday to Friday evenings.

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