Runtastic Moment revealed; watch and activity tracker starts at $129

(Runtastic)Runtastic Moment models

There are a number of fitness trackers that simply look like bands but the Runtastic Moment is fashioned like a watch and it combines the features of both. Released during IFA 2015, this new offering from Runtastic, which is now owned by Adidas, has already been capturing headlines thanks to its design and features. It comes in four models Elite, Classic, Basic and Fun.

Reporting on the release of the device, Wired states that it is a welcome change compared to other fitness trackers, which are almost always in the form of bands. The CEO of Runtastic, Florian Gschwandtner, also described it as an "all encompassing device which was designed to be aesthetically pleasing." And taking into account the models available, it seems that the German manufacturer has gotten most of it right with the Moment.

All models of the Runtastic Moment feature stainless steel cases, with the exception of the Moment Fun, which has an aluminum case. There is also scratch proof mineral glass on their displays, perfect for outdoor activities. As for straps, they are either fashioned from leather or silicone. The cheapest model is the Moment Fun, which is priced at $129, and it comes in four colors, plum, sand, indigo and raspberry. They come with matching watch faces and silicone straps. As for the next model, it is the Moment Basic, which comes in two colors, beige and black. It has a price tag of $129.

The Moment Classic is fashioned after a traditional watch and is priced at $179. It comes in three colors, gold, silver and rose gold and it is paired with a black leather strap. As for the last model in the series, the Moment Elite, it also has a $179 price tag and comes with a black body. However, its leather strap is coated with nylon.

All models can be paired with iPhone models 4s and higher. It can also be paired with devices running on Android 4.3 and above and with Windows phones running on Windows 8.1 and higher.

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