'Sense8' season 2 spoiler: Purab Kohli says Rajan is 'too good to be true,' wants to explore a darker side to him

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Science fiction really has made its mark in television. And with Netflix's own brand of sci-fi series, "Sense8," confirmed for season two, fans are eagerly awaiting what they can expect from the eight Sensates and those who are in their lives. Well, one of them just may head down the dark path.

Rajan Rasal, Sensate Kala Dandekar's (Tina Desai) fiancé, seems like a genuinely good guy. But with his father being enveloped in so many secrets, viewers are starting to question the son's sincerity as well. And the actor who plays the character, Purab Kohli, agrees that there must be something more to Rajan.

Kohli tells The News Hub, "I absolutely agree, he's too good to be true and I'm hoping he reveals some shades of grey in the seasons to follow.... It amazes me how he finds positivity in all the signs that would actually point in an opposite direction."

But Rajan turning dark like his father is mere wishful thinking and speculation for now. Kohli insists that he has not yet read the script for season two and that he's really looking forward to doing so. He also revealed that he once asked co-creator, Lana Wachowski, what's next for his character, but Lana's "smile and hand gestures" refused to give anything away.

If his character does turn dark, though, what may be the reason for it? His statement, "Love is a strange thing," just may be the answer.

Kala had developed a romantic attraction toward Wolfgang Bogdanow (Max Riemelt), who is involved in an organized crime. If the romantic link becomes stronger than it already is, then that might push Rajan to explore a darker side of himself.

Although "Sense8" had been confirmed for a new season, there is no word yet from Netflix when it will be released. More news will be announced as soon as they are available.

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