Project Morpheus release date, price: Sony won't make any announcement on price just yet

(PHOTO: Sony PlayStation)Project Morpheus PS 4 Virtual Reality (VR) Headset.

Looks like virtual reality headset fans, specifically Sony's Project Morpheus fans, will have to wait a little bit longer before they finally know the actual selling retail price of the headset as Sony's Worldwide Studio boss Shuhei Yoshida has recently said that it is "too early" to talk about its cost.

During Yoshida's interview with Game Industry, the studio boss was asked about the price of the headset and why they have not released any information about it yet. Yoshida said, "We are talking about launching next year so typically we don't talk about pricing one year ahead of time. I think we announced the price of PS4 at E3 the year of the launch so that's five months before the launch. So it's too early."

Yoshida also explained that they are not waiting for Oculus to go first with the announcement of their own VR headset's price. It is simply because, Sony is still working on the headset and they still do not know how much it will exactly cost. He said, "It's not like we are waiting for Oculus to announce their price. We still have work to do to know exactly the cost of goods and so on."

But for those tech enthusiasts who cannot wait to get their hands on the virtual reality headset and want an inkling of how much it might cost, a circulating rumor, reported by We Got This Covered, claims that the VR headset will cost anywhere around $300 to $450. This cost, however, is unconfirmed until an official announcement has been made.

Sony's Project Morpheus is set to be released next year, 2016. Although there is still no specific launch date, We Got This Covered, says that the highly-anticipated hardware is expected to be launched sometime before June 2016.

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