'Suits' season 6 news: Characters to build up firm again; Gina Torres to exit the show

(Facebook/ Suits)"Suits" season 6 to focus on Mike Ross' life in prison

The sixth season of the hit legal drama series "Suits" is expected to follow Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) in prison as one of its storylines will focus on how he is going to cope with his new life behind bars. Meanwhile, the rest of his colleagues will talk about their plans over the firm.

In a recent interview with Stuff.co.nz, lead actor Gabriel Macht, who plays the role of Harvey Specter, revealed, " [In season six] there's a big mess, the house of cards has fallen so we're going to see how they build Pearson Specter Litt back up."

He added that in order to do that, Harvey and Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) will have to get back on track after the major legal disaster they faced in the last season.

Fans know for a fact that these two characters don't really get along with each other. Harvey loves to intimidate Louis in every way imaginable. As Macht reiterated, "[I]t's a love-hate relationship. Harvey loves to hate him."

Although Macht did not want to reveal much of what's coming next, "I'll tell you this: if you can imagine these characters in a sort of ;Breakfast Club' scenario, there's some good hijinks," he said.

As specific to his character, he disclosed to the publication that he liked Harvey being "unravelled" in the previous season as he dealt with his mother issues and the ones he had when Donna left him. "So now we'll build him back up for a little bit and then hopefully we'll crush him again," he quipped.

In other news, Gina Torres, who plays Jessica Pearson, may be exiting the series after season 6 as her contract expires. Deadline reports that the actress will remain a regular through the next season "with her character likely getting phased out." She is set for a title role in a new drama series on ABC titled "The Death of Eva Sofia Valdez."

"Suits" season 6 is expected to premiere in June 2016 on USA Network.

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