Target admits ignoring data breach warning signs


In an article, PCMag reports that American retailing company Target admitted last week to have ignored their systems warning signs, during an attack where hackers stole credit card information from 40 million credit cards, and 70 million contact details during the Thanksgiving shopping spree last year.

News of the data breach at Target stores broke in December, and affected those who had used their credit or debit cards in Target stores from November 27 to December 15, 2013. The hack emerged this week again when an article in Bloomberg BusinessWeek said that Target ignored their systems' warning signs of the hack.

According to the report, Target's installed malware detection from FireEye notified the store of a sketchy behavior in late November, but there was no action being taken. This resulted in millions of data being compromised from the Target database.

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A Target spokeswoman said they are investigating whether different earlier judgments would have produced different outcomes. On Friday, the spokeswoman admitted that Target learned when the criminals entered their network as the hackers' activity surfaced to their team. The activity was then interpreted by their internal team as something that did not require immediate follow up.

Target's investigation is ongoing, as it commits to make more investments to reinforce the security of their customers.

Target is not the sole victim of a major data breach. Neiman Marcus and Michaels for example, experienced similar attacks. Similarly, reports indicated Neiman ignoring numerous warnings.

Meanwhile, FireEye said in a blog post that it is a company policy not to identify their customers, as such they can neither validate or make a comment regarding claims that Target is one of them.

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