'Teen Wolf' season 6 spoilers: Nazi werewolf to be one of three new villains; Lydia and Stiles' relationship to be a focus


Scott and his pack may have defeated the Beast and Dread Doctors during the season 5 finale, but not before the Doctors' final test subject was able to escape from the machine. The arrival of the Nazi werewolf will once again complicate the lives of the residents of Beacon Hills when "Teen Wolf" returns for its sixth season.

The Nazi werewolf — who is only one of the three new villains arriving next season — will allow the show to delve into the past and focus on the Nazi's obsession with the occult.

"We love history on this show, we love going into things like World War II and combining our Teen Wolf mythology with real historical events, as we did with the Japanese internment camps and Marie-Jeanne Valet being an actual person who defended herself against the Beast of Gévaudan," showrunner Jeff Davis told Entertainment Weekly.

While Davis may have shed details about the show's new villain, he refused to comment on the fates of some of the show's characters. During the finale, Theo was dragged down into the earth by his departed sister, but his death has not been confirmed. Malia's mother may or may not return next season, given that the actress portraying her, Marisol Nichols, had been cast in The CW's upcoming series "Riverdale."

Meanwhile, Kira left once again to be with the Skinwalkers. She will stay with them for some time until she is able to control her fox spirit.

"Stydia" shippers will also be glad to know that the upcoming season will put Lydia and Stiles' relationship as a focal point. Their storyline will be set off by something that will happen in the premiere episode.

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MTV has yet to announce an official release date for season 6 of "Teen Wolf."

Season 6 is coming soon.

Posted by Teen Wolf on Tuesday, March 8, 2016
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