'The Bard's Tale' remastered trilogy update: Olde Skuul CEO promises to finish project

(facebook.com/TheBardsTale)inXile's "The Bard's Tale" game to arrive soon

After inXile Entertainment admitted that the development of the remastered "The Bard's Tale" trilogy may not push through due to a conflict with Olde Skuul, new reports claim that the promised remastered game will still come out soon.

On a recent post on its forum site, the release of the improved version of the original "The Bard's Tale" trilogy for those who supported their "The Bard's Tale 4" Kickstarter campaign may not happen anytime soon. According to the post, Olde Skuul CEO Rebecca Heineman insinuated in several interviews that their Seattle-based game development and publishing company stopped working on the project because they have yet to receive payment from inXile.

The game developer claimed that their original agreement with Olde Skuul stated that they will be paid after the completion of the final remastered "The Bard's Tale" trilogy. Yet, they lost communication with Heineman's company over time, which made them uncertain if they can really deliver the project that was supposed to come out for free for the Kickstarter backers.

But in an interview with PC Gamer, Heineman stated that the delay in the development of "The Bard's Tale" remastered trilogy could be fixed if inXile will settle their payment.

"I asked inXile for a payment for work done to date, they declined, I had to take a paying gig. Simple as that," she said in the interview. "They will [be completed]. 'The Bard's Tale' trilogy is my baby. Especially Bard's Tale 3. I want the game to be finished, because I want to play it."

inXile creative producer Thomas Beekers wrote on the forum site that they are obviously unhappy with the latest developments, but claims that they have to be transparent for those who decided to support the campaign for "The Bard's Tale 4."

"In the meantime, we've removed the BT remasters from our reward packages on the Bard's Tale backer web site, Beekers stated. "The emulated version we previously released as promised will remain available to everyone who backs The Bard's Tale 4."

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