'The Blacklist' season 3: title of first episode uncovered; Liz and Red still in the U.S.


Production for the third season of "The Blacklist" is set to begin on July 24 but fans are already trolling the Internet for spoilers about their favorite sociopath, Raymond Reddington.

Season two ended with Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone) escaping the FBI and going on the lam with the enigmatic Red (James Spader). With Red on her side, fans can breathe a little easier knowing that the criminal mastermind has deep connections both under and above ground. However, it seems that the two are still in the country, trying to get past the pesky roadblocks set up by Liz' very own (former) team mates.

Some intrepid soul has also uncovered the title of the first episode of season three. The episode is allegedly titled "The Troll Farmer"; and while that is the only detail that was uncovered, it is enough to make viewers anticipate who, or what, kind of farmer or criminal s/he is.

Fans are also hoping that between evading the FBI and trying to get to the truth of things, Liz and her ex-husband Tom (Ryan Eggold) will find their way back to each other, especially since the character apparently has feelings for his erstwhile mark.

Eggold admits as much in "Bello Magazine" and says that while Tom does have feelings for Liz, it is something he does not totally understand.

"She's the closest thing he ever had to normalcy," he explains. "No family, no love, no honest relationships, then he fakes one for two years, and it's the closest point of reference he has to a real experience."

While Tom deals with the revelation of his feelings for Liz, the embattled ex-FBI agent is also dealing with everything that has happened and has become tougher. According to showrunner Jon Bokenkamp, the "line of good and bad has become blurred" for Liz and this has changed her fundamentally, maybe even making her more like Red.

"The Blacklist" season three is expected to be back on air on Sept. 24 on NBC.

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