'The Last Ship' season 3 spoilers, air date: XO Slattery is in big trouble

(Facebook/TheLastShipTNT)XO Slattery becomes a prisoner of war in "The Last Ship" season 3.

Captain Tom Chandler (Eric Dane) will do everything to save XO Mike Slattery (Adam Baldwin) and his other men who are held hostage by mercenaries in the third season of "The Last Ship."

Fans of the hit TNT series are raving over the new promo released for the upcoming installment, especially as it promises a lot of action for the crew of the USS Nathan James. Now that they have found the cure for the pandemic, the protagonists' next mission is to make sure that people around the world receive it. The ship is heading towards Asia when President Michener (Mark Moses) learns of intel that a group is hoarding the cure. Soon after, he tells Chandler that there are rumors of a new virus mutation and that Japan is the first to take a hit.

As the captain sets out to investigate the claim, word that some of his crew got kidnapped reaches him. Slattery and five of his men are taken as hostages by unknown individuals. In the teaser, the XO is shown in a video, being prodded to say that they are "prisoners of war." Chandler will do everything to save his men, even if it means meeting with a highly dangerous gang leader in Asia. The teaser shows him pointing a gun at someone. The Asian man tells the captain to be very careful or they will start a world war.

Showrunners Steven Kane and Hank Steinberg said in September that Chandler and his people in the USS Nathan James would continue to take on the world as they face new problems. Steinberg told The Hollywood Reporter that season 3 would be bigger in scope as compared to the first two installments.

"I think the one thing we can say is season one was about staying alive and then getting home. Then, season two was about getting things started in America and starting to put [the country] right. Season three is going to expand again into the wider world, which is going to be an exciting new palette and widen the scope of the show even more," he said.

"The Last Ship" season 3 will return on June 12 at 9 p.m. EDT on TNT.

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