The Mentalist Season 7 air date, spoilers: A brewing romance between Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon

(Source: Lisbon and Patrick Jane finally admits their feelings for each other.

After surprise proposals, a bloody confrontation with Red John, living in a faraway, non-English speaking island, and job offer from the FBI, Patrick Jane's life continues to be a string of unexpected events. What will happen in the next season of The Mentalist? Read below to find out.

The finale aired on Sunday with a new letter, believed to be written by a killer mocking the Feds (only that it turned out that Jane wrote the letter). The brewing romance between Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon finally gets some tangible developments, with both revealing their feelings towards each other. Lisbon then postpones her plans to move to DC so she can work on a case with Jane. Jane even bought Lisbon a dress and dinner to make their "last case" special. But the giddy part is short-lived, when Jane gets taken away by TSA agents and Lisbon visiting him like a well-known romantic jail cliché. What's next for these new lovers?

Season 7 could present many developments towards this romance, with Kimball Cho eating his words after he said that Lisbon and Jane are like "brother and sister" in his eyes. It's too late to take back what he said about the two lead characters, but what can be expected from here on?

Robin Tunny, the actress portraying Lisbon, did tell TVLine that the season 6 finale "Is going to make a lot of people really happy, and I think it's going to make some people angry." The happenings on the last episode will pave the way for exciting new things once season 7 starts on fall later this year.

The Mentalist season 7 is set to premiere in Fall 2014.

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