'World of Final Fantasy' release news: Demo now out for PS4, PS Vita version coming Friday

(World of Final Fantasy official web site)'World of Final Fantasy' is set to be released on Oct. 25

"World of Final Fantasy" is set to be officially released in just a matter of days, and while players wait for the full game to hit stores, they can try out the currently available demo to get a sense of what it has to offer.

Released just recently, the PS4 demo of the new game allows players to experience what battles will be like in this role-playing game (RPG).

The new game features an Active Time Battle system similar to the ones featured in earlier mainline "Final Fantasy" games, though it does include a few noticeable tweaks.

For instance, players will be given the opportunity to change the interface they utilize in battles. One option allows them to make use of a more modern-looking interface, while another gives players access to battle menus that closely resemble the ones that were utilized in older "Final Fantasy" games.

The "World of Final Fantasy" demo also introduces players to the new stacking system that they will have to comprehend quickly if they are to overcome the many monsters inside the game.

Speaking of the monsters, players will also be given opportunities to capture them in the demo, and those chances should help them prepare better for these tasks once the full game is released.

Players who successfully finish the demo will receive a Magitek Armor P Mirage that they will be able to use later on for the game's coliseum, Siliconera reported.

While PS4 players can already download and try out the demo, PS Vita owners will have to wait just a bit longer as their version of the demo will be released on Friday, Oct. 21, Square Enix announced.

After trying out the demo, players can take on the full version of "World of Final Fantasy" as soon as it is officially released on Oct. 25.

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