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    Faithful Pray for Needy Amidst Fed. Budget Negotiations

  • Protestors Rally Nationwide For Union Rights in Wisconsin

  • Hawaii Passes Same-Sex Civil Unions Bill

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    Humanitarian Group Voices Concern Over Budget Cuts

  • Mainline, Evangelical Churches Shrinking, Non-Orthodox Groups Increasing, says Report

  • Senate to Decide on Don't Ask, Don't Tell

  • DADT Repeal to Hit House Floor

  • Justice Dept. to Appeal Health Care Ruling

  • Military Says More Time Needed for DADT Repeal

  • Christians Call for Immigration Reform

  • NCC: Gov. Should Take 'Direct Measures' to Solve Poverty

  • Park51 Imam: 'Everything is On the Table' to Solve Mosque Controversy

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    Pastor Calls Off Quran Burning

  • Florida Pastor 'Seriously Considering' Not Burning Qurans

  • Obama Condemns Planned Quran Burning