• ucc-hq-health-fair

    Church HQ Health Fair Opens Eyes to Community Resources

  • presidential-advisory-council-on-hiv-aids

    UCC Backs Comprehensive Sexuality Education Plan for Youth

  • joplin-mo

    A Year After Tornado Strike, Christian Community in Joplin Offers Hope, Comfort

  • supporters-of-full-inclusion-of-gays-and-lesbians

    Sexuality, Society and the Church: Events Highlight Ongoing Shifts, Debates

  • president-barack-obama

    Obama Backs Same-Sex Marriage, Denomination Leader Applauds Stance

  • dr-michael-kinnanon

    Ex-NCC General Secretary Takes University Post

  • dan-nejfelt

    Boehner Chooses Ayn Rand's Values over Social Teachings of His Catholic Faith: Commentator

  • thurman-iowa

    Church's Unlocked Doors Policy May Have Saved Family from Tornado

  • president-barack-obama-at-white-house-easter-prayer-breakfast

    White House Hosts Multi-Denominational Easter Prayer Breakfast

  • food-cans

    NCC USA Disappointed with U.S. Decision on BPA Chemical

  • image

    Church of England Choosing Next Leader with Public's Input

  • us-2012030201

    Florida Farmworkers to Protest Publix With Six Day Fast

  • us-2012022201

    NCC Brings Awareness to Environmental Conservation for Lent

  • Faith Groups Say Bank Payout for Homeowners is Too Small