• thai-buddhist-monk-blesses-elephants

    Suicidal Buddhist monk forced to stop meditation inside coffin

  • vietnam-catholics-at-prayer

    Vatican and Vietnam to work on improving ties

  • russias-president-vladimir-putin

    Putin 'possessed by Satan,' says head of Ukrainian Orthodox Church

  • image-of-dalai-lama

    South Africa denies Dalai Lama another visa to visit 'due to China relations'

  • fatwa-on-terrorism-and-suicide-bombings

    Imam who faces death threats says IS recruiting in Canada

  • chinese-police-in-xinjiang-uighur-autonomous-region

    China urges villagers: Give militants a bad stare and have a club

  • pope-francis

    Vatican declares slavery as theme for 2015 World Day of Peace

  • iraqi-christian-refugees

    Malaysia says it has thwarted planned attacks by IS sympathizers

  • palestinians-chant-slogans-in-gaza

    Jordanian Sheikh says there is no 'Palestine' in Quaran

  • sign-outside-shop

    Twitter stops accounts of those sharing video of beheaded US journalist

  • buddhist-monks-in-china

    Monks hit bid to commercialize famed Chinese Buddhist temple

  • pope-francis-south-korean-president-park-geun-hye

    China lets Pope use its airspace for first time in papal history

  • north-korean-armistice-parade

    Christians hold peace and reunification vigil for the Korean peninsula

  • displaced-families-from-iraq-minority-yazidi

    Muslim Indonesia tries to halt spread of IS teachings in the country