'Alien 5' news and updates: Neil Blomkamp explains why he decided to do the movie


News surrounding a fifth "Alien" movie has been going around for years and fans are time and time again disappointed to not see the project actualize. While viewers acknowledge that 2012's "Prometheus" is a competent enough prequel to the franchise, it seems like they are not the only ones anticipating a round-up for the series.

Last year Sigourney Weaver, the actress playing the iconic, Ellen Ripley, has expressed her desire to see the culmination of the film franchise she started more than three decades ago in 1979.

"I feel a longing from fans for the story to be finished. I could imagine a situation where we finish telling the story."

She further explained that the story would still be relevant just as much as it was 36 years ago, as the thematic greed is still very much present nowadays.

"A lot of corporations are still characterized by the same kind of greed [as the film's Weyland-Yutani]. It's an idea that's, unfortunately, very alive in our world."

Thankfully, it seems like "Alien 5" would see the light of day as Blomkamp, director of "District 9" and "Chappie," has just confirmed that he would be working on the continuance of the franchise. In an interview with IGN reported by Scified.com, the 35-year-old South Africa native, explained his decision to revive the franchise saying:

"Alien is the one thing that's just... I actually think it's the first science-fiction film I ever saw. And it's my first memory of film. So it's just emblazoned into my head in a way that... it would be a shame for me to not do it for myself. Even if it doesn't live up to want people want, for my own self I need to at least try."

"Alien 5" has yet to start filming and as such, a release date has yet to be confirmed.

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