All new HTC One update: Leaks on how its dual camera works

(Photo: HTC)The old HTC One.

The all new HTC One, or HTC M8, is about to be announced come March 25. We already have some clues about its specs, design and processor, but we lack the know-how on its dual camera setup, as information on that has been scarce. However, this is exactly what has been discussed recently in articles by thedroidguy and TechCrunch.

The dual camera seems to serve many purposes, the most obvious of which is enhancement of low-light images. However, it is interesting to know that the photos can be edited after taking them. Editing includes the photo, highlights, highlight backgrounds and focus, plus the 3D effect. It has selectable focus even after taking the shot which is lytro-style, same as big rival Samsung Galaxy S5.

Much of the emphasis on photo editing is about the after-capture editing options, which is not now considering that many OEMs at this point have this area of focus. Though there are a lot of fresh ideas with regards to this camera, but Samsung already announced some of the camera features as if Samsung Galaxy S5 is already taking the table. What is left of HTC is its skill to market the Duo Camera if it is to be the main selling point, to come down to image quality.

It is unclear whether or not the 3D feature-set of the HTC EVO 3D in 2011 will return, but March 25 is only a few days away so the consumer public will know pretty soon. At least, so far we have learned about the 5-inch 1080p display specs, plus the new HTC Sense feature with double-tap that wakes the handset - which are good news.

In the meantime, the leaked information and photos on the all new HTC One have been nothing but exciting so far.

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