Amazon invades your kitchen with Dash

(Credit: Amazon, Inc.)Amazon Dash gadget, the world's largest online retailer, has launched "Amazon Dash," a service that should make it quite easy to shop for groceries.

At the core of the service is "Dash," a handheld device used to scan barcodes from groceries and other everyday items already in homes. The digital device also comes equipped with a built-in recording device so a user can simply speak the name of the item into the microphone for future reference.

It connects to a home's Wi-Fi network in order to sync with the other aspect of the new gadget: the service. Amazon Dash automatically coordinates with AmazonFresh, the same-day, early morning Amazon delivery service for groceries and select items.

By scanning an item or speaking its name into Dash, a customer's AmazonFresh grocery list is created from more than 500,000 items. Amazon Dash allows a customer to review, schedule delivery and place the order from the AmazonFresh website or associated smartphone applications.

Dash, however, is currently being trialed and is by invitation only. The fortunate ones will receive a golden ticket in the form a of 10-digit Amazon Dash invitation code.

Another limitation to Dash is that AmazonFresh currently only services the greater Seattle, Southern California and San Francisco areas. Those not in these areas need not apply just yet.

Late last year Amazon revealed Prime Air, a new delivery service utilizing unmanned aerial vehicles or aerial drones to deliver packages to customers' doorsteps within "30 minutes or less. Amazon hopes to begin commercial operations by 2015. Prime Air could also be used in conjunction with Amazon Dash.

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