Apple amends iPhone return policy from 30 days to two weeks

(Photo: Apple)Apple, Inc.'s retail store on Fifth Avenue, New York City.

According to an article in PC Mag, Apple, Inc. changes its iPhone return policy from 30 days to two weeks. Hence, when you are not satisfied with your iPhone purchase, act quick or you might pass two weeks and will not be able to return the item.

The Cupertino company changed its U.S. policy and the 30-day return window is now two weeks. The 'Standard Window Policy' states that customers have 14 days, including weekends, from the in-store purchase date and online delivery to have their smartphone returned.

Apple will not accept returned units that have been damaged, or bought from third-party retailers. Returned iPhones must be packaged with adapters, documentation and original cords.

iPads, desktops, laptops and other Apple products are already subject to the two-week return policy.

Apple's previous protocol was in contrast to other carriers, which follow a 14-day return program, 9to5Mac points out. iPhone buyers enjoyed a 30-day test of their purchased iPhones before finally deciding to change it for a different color, model, platform or storage capacity. Such extra days were helpful if the buyer needed to make minor changes to the purchase.

If the handsets are returned on week three or four, buyers may pay carrier fees of early termination. The new 14-day return policy for all Apple products is also consistent with the return policy of most phone carriers.

Apple did not respond to PC Mag's request for comment. The tech blog mentioned though that this is Apple's way to create one policy for all products.

On the other hand, Apple offers a great Cupertino shopping experience by joining the exclusive Apple Loyalty program, offering discounts to consumers who exceed the $5,000 per year purchase threshold.

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