Apple iOS 7.1 arrives with bug fixes and new features, incluing CarPlay

(Photo: Deviant Art / zikkzak)

Apple just released an update designated iOS 7.1, in a package which includes many useful enhancement features and bug fixes, as ZDNet reports. The software was downloadable on Monday, about six months after the seemingly radical iOS 7 was released. iOS 7.1 is compatible with iPod touch fifth generation devices, iPhone 4 and iPad 2, and each of their respective later versions. Users of older iOS versions may upgrade compatible devices by exploring the Software Update in the device setting's General section.

Bug Fixes and Features

iOS 7.1 has several bug fixes that aliveated many users' concerns. It includes design tweaks to user interface, power off features, and phone dialer visual modifications. The new features are:

iTunes Radio – the newly introduced radio feature (in version 7) has added capabilities, including one that lets the user purchase albums from "Now Playing".

Accessibility – additions in the "parallax" motion, which now includes UI animations, multi-tasking, Messages and Weather. Also added is the option to display a darker keyboard.

Calendar – changes the list view to month view. Country-specific holidays are found in many locales.

Camera settings – bolstered, plus an inclusion of a feature for users of iPhone 5 which allows users to enable HDR automatically.

CarPlay - earlier known as iOS in the Car, supporting iPhone calling, maps, messaging and music. Users can likewise control some functions via Siri.

Siri – enhanced to have more natural-sounding voices in Australian English, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and U.K. English. Use it under push-to-talk mode by holding the Home button until you are done with your query.

Touch ID – program that controls the biometric reader is enhanced to make better use of fingerprint recognition.

The update addresses the needs so far and fixes the issues of iOS 7 which has been reportedly rushed for the release of iPhone 5s and 5c last September.

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