Apple to launch body-monitoring app for iPhones

(Photo: Inlet Fitness)

Apple will soon introduce Apple Healthbook, a mobile app that tracks most everything about a user's health, including vital signs and nutrition.

Tech website 9to5 Mac has published a detailed look at Apple Healthbook. It noted that the app could prove to be the long-awaited breakthrough for "mobile healthcare," a computing sector that has never gotten off the ground.

Apple Healthbook will monitor a broad set of health parameters. These will include heart rate, blood sugar, weight, hydration and physical movements. It will also track health tests.

Tech analysts also see Apple Healthbook as a key driver for Apple's upcoming iOS 8 mobile OS that will run its "iWatch" smartwatch.  The app could also encourage Apple to build more bridges between its devices and third-party sensors.

Apple Healthbook will compete with existing healthcare apps such as those from Azumio, which has 40 health monitoring and fitness apps for the iPhone alone. Systems like Apple's and Azumio's could significantly cut healthcare costs, and many healthcare providers are reported to be interested in subsidizing their deployment and use.

Apple Healthbook is Apple's major first step in the growing mobile healthcare and fitness-tracking industry. Some pundits believe the mobile healthcare and fitness-tracking industry is Apple's next big thing and is primed for reinvention.

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