'Attack on Titan' season 2 release date news: Anime to premiere in early 2017

(Shingeki TV)"Attack on Titan" season 2 will premiere in 2017.

It has been a long time coming, but "Attack on Titan" season 2 finally has a release time frame. After years of waiting, the second season of the Japanese anime will premiere in early 2017.

It is no secret that "Attack on Titan" is a popular series. Whether it's the manga or the anime, fans can't get enough of the action series. The anime suffered from a delay in production due to the manga being incomplete. Thankfully, a recent update from Crunchyroll indicates that "Attack on Titan" will return next year.

As for what avid fans can expect from the new season, there might be a whole new setting. The first season focused on the Walls of the kingdom and their subsequent collapse. But it looks like the second season will be moving to the countryside as the fight against the titans continues. It has also been said that Wall Rose will be a highlight in the story, as well as the politics that take place within the city.

The true mastermind behind the attacks has not been uncovered yet, but season 2 could change all that. It is widely believed that the government's connection with the creation of the man-eating giants will be discovered in the new season.

Speaking of titans, fans can expect a new titan to be introduced. But this is no ordinary titan — this one is much scarier and more capable than all the previous titans. If this speculation turns out to be true, then Eren and his team will certainly have a lot to deal with when the new season returns.

However, there is some talk that Eren might not make it out alive after all. Given that he's one of the main heroes in the story, it will be devastating to see him perish. Other characters will also be focused on, with their own personal struggles going to be depicted.

Of course, since plot details have not been confirmed, fans should take the news with a grain of salt. Only time will tell if these speculations will be proven true.

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