'Avatar 2' news: 20th Century Fox CEO says delays to sequel are understandable and worth it


"Avatar" fans, much like their "Star Wars" counterparts, are becoming known for their patience and loyalty to the movie. When the groundbreaking film was released in 2009, fans expected that a sequel would soon be gracing the cinemas. Unfortunately, that did not happen and now it seems the seven-year wait for "Avatar 2″ would last a bit longer.

It has been reported that the sequel will not make the rumored 2016 release date, and will instead be extended for another year.

Despite the delays and the fans' frustrations, 20th Century Fox CEO, Jim Ginaopulos, is still upbeat and admits in an interview that "James Cameron has his own pace." Ginaopulos also reveals that the studio is still firmly behind the director and understands the reasons behind the delay.

The CEO was quick to point out that the delays would be well worth it and reminds fans that the setbacks were not due to problems in the script or budget; it is because the vaunted director does not have access yet to the technology or equipment that he needs to bring his vision of Pandora to life.

Gianopolus shared that he recently checked on "Avatar's" production and saw for himself the scope of what Cameron wants for the sequel and describes it as "the most amazing, breathtaking thing you've ever seen." And the CEO knows that once the director finally gets his hands on the equipment he needs, "Avatar 2" and "Avatar 3" will not be too far off.

The release date for "Avatar 2" might still be murky but some things about the sequel are clear. One, the sequel would be introducing viewers to more of Pandora's beauty. Cameron has previously mentioned that "Avatar 2" would be more about the world's underwater ecosystem. This is also one of the reasons for the delay as shooting the underwater scenes would need a new and particular kind of equipment.

Two, it would seem that the sequel is set to really touch audiences and lastly, Colonel Miles Quaritch, who suffered two arrows to the chest in the first movie, will reportedly return, presumably to make life harder for the Na'vi.

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