'Banshee' season 4 spoilers: Dawson thinks Lucas is hiding something from her in episode 6

(Banshee / Facebook)"Banshee" season 4 

The fourth and final season of the action thriller "Banshee" is three episodes away from its finale. With the show nearing its finale, fans of the show can expect the upcoming episode 6, titled "Only One Way a Dogfight Ends," to be jam-packed with action and blood.

According to reports, Carrie's crusading ways will hopefully be given more exposure in the coming episodes, especially now that Job has revealed Carrie's movement to Hood. The latter might be against it. However, he is also someone who takes justice into his own hands. Meanwhile, Brock's public speech that he's coming after the Satanists, which is a term Dawson used to refer to the serial murderers, could be his new approach to provoke the killers.

The promo trailer for "Only One Way a Dogfight Ends" shows Dawson suspecting Lucas of hiding a secret from her, after she notices his habit of checking the car keys every time he enters their hotel room. A female deputy in Banshee reports to Kai Proctor that she found Carrie. Calvin tells Kai that his brother will no longer work for the mayor and later on confronts his own brother Kurt. The clip also hints at someone's death when Kai throws a flower on someone's grave; one of the cops is shot, and Job is seen stabbing someone.

In other related news, Ivana Milicevic shares about working on the finale episodes as Carrie. She told Collider that Carrie in the first season was living comfortably in the fake life she created not until Lucas arrived. Everything inside her — "rage, adrenaline, pain, fear, love, and passion" — started to appear from her.

"The choices that she made, and the repercussions and consequences of those choices, now in Season 4, means that she's lost everything. Lucas left, she has no Job, she has no children, and she has no Gordon. She had nothing. She's keeping it together by a thread," she added.

"Banshee" season 4 airs every Friday at 10 p.m. on Cinemax.

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