Briana Jungwirth news: Louis Tomlinson's ex lashes out against detractors who claimed her selfie with baby Freddie was fake


Briana Jungwirth recently welcomed her first child with ex-boyfriend Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. The stylist has been relishing her new role as a mother and decided to upload a photo of her newborn son Freddie. However, Briana didn't expect that the sweet photo she shared would lead to controversy.

Numerous comments on her Instagram page alleged that she had stolen the photo and had passed it off as her own. Some commenters were even alleging that Briana had faked her pregnancy and the birth of her baby. Complaints over the authenticity of the photo were also made because Briana's eyes looked different in the photo.

Refusing to be insulted by these allegations, Briana decided to fight back and posted a long comment chastising her detractors. Briana opened up about how horrible the comments to her have been all throughout her pregnancy.

"To create such a disgusting lie and to stir up so much trouble is unacceptable. I've never stolen any photo. It's sickening how I've been treated throughout my pregnancy and now. I'm tired of the bullying and harassment. I have a newborn son; this is a time sensitive part of my life where I should be enjoying every minute," said Briana.

"Those of you trying to take away my happiness, I won't let you, but do not bring other innocent mother's into this," she ended her note.

Briana's mother and grandmother have also posted on their social media accounts defending Briana. Briana's relatives also reiterated the fact that Briana has blue eyes, regardless of how they may look different due to lighting.

While some of Briana's detractors have apologized for causing controversy, it seems that the damage has been done. Initially, Briana had been very open to the public and had shared photos of Freddie and their latest milestones. Now, Briana has decided to set her social media accounts to private. It seems that One Direction fans will no longer be able to have easy access to baby Freddie due to the controversy.

Briana's current Instagram bio reads, "Positivity only please. Hate is blocked."

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