'Call of Duty 2017' latest news, rumors: Game to be set in World War II?

(Facebook/CallofDuty)Promotional photo of the "Call of Duty" franchise

The success of "Call of Duty" has paved the way for the "Call of Duty 2017" to be anticipated. Fans believe that the imminent title will have a World War II setting, according to a leak spotted on YouTube.

A new leak has been found to hint at what "Call of Duty 2017" will feature, including its World War II setting. If the video proves to be legitimate, then the game follows what the original title has offered.

According to the leak, the game will be titled "Call of Duty: WWII." This has been released on YouTube by TheFamilyVideoGamers, who claims that it is the title's marketing concept according to an anonymous source.

The source apparently has "close ties" to the game developer, Sledgehammer, so the leak can be considered legitimate. Along with the setting and the game title are the steelbook case mockups.

The rumor actually coincides with what Activision stated during the "Call of Duty" earnings reports. The company said that the franchise will "go back to its roots" in 2017.

Enthusiasts believed that this is in response to the futuristic set-up that the previous titles have featured, which caused a number of players to be unhappy. More specifically, "Infinite Warfare's" sci-fi setting "just didn't resonate" with the players.

Activision has yet to confirm the leak, but they are expected to give pertinent details about the upcoming game in a couple of months. "Call of Duty" titles, according to SlashGear, are usually launched in November every year. Last year, gamers were surprised when early hints at "Infinite Warfare" were released.

The company is said to have a number of developers working on the franchise, where the titles and developers have rotating launch schedules. This year, it is Sledgehammer Games' turn. They are the ones who developed the hit title, "Advanced Warfare" in 2014.

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