Central America: Tropical Storm Triggers Mudslides, 146 Killed

A powerful tropical storm slammed into the islands of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala over the weekend, triggering flooding and mudslides that killed at least 146 people.

Tropical Storm Agatha, the first named storm of this year's Pacific hurricane season, hit Guatemala on Saturday with more than 3 feet of rain.

Hundreds of homes and a highway bridge were destroyed in the ensuing flooding and mudslides, leaving 123 people dead and some 100,000 displaced.

Some homes fell into a giant sinkhole, larger than the size of a street intersection, which opened up near Guatemala City.

Emergency personnel are working to rescue victims from the thick mud, but primitive equipment and challenging terrain have made the efforts difficult.

In Honduras, 14 people were killed by the storm and nine were left dead in El Salvador.

The U.S. government has donated $113,000 to help with relief costs, including emergency supplies and chartering helicopters.

The Guatemalan government is expected to appeal for aid assistance today.

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