'Chicago P.D.' season 4 premiere spoilers: Squad worries about one of their own

(Facebook/NBCChicagoPD)Voight will worry his squad in "Chicago PD" season 4.

The detectives will be on their toes, waiting for their boss' next move, as Voight's (Jason Beghe) anger over his son's death continues in the upcoming season of "Chicago P.D."

In the last installment, Voight lost it when Justin (Josh Segarra) became the target of a dangerous criminal and ended up dead. The police officer went on a solo mission to track down the killer and would have murdered him had the others not stopped him.

Executive producer Matt Olmstead told TV Line that Beghe's character would be in a dark place going into the new season. Although he would not revert to the old days when he played a rogue cop, his frame of mind would still be far from being stable. He also said that the entire squad should watch over their superior.

"[His mindset is], 'My right and wrongs are that much more cut-and-dry for me, and my desire to right wrongs is that much more clear to me.' Is the net of doing that somewhat more direct, possibly brutal? That's what he has to keep an eye on [and] what people in his unit have to keep an eye on. So it's a different side of Voight, because ain't no way he can lose a son and not have that affect him," the showrunner shared.

Meanwhile, the squad member who will worry about him the most is Lindsay (Sophia Bush). The two have shared a close relationship from the start. Voight is a father figure for Lindsay and his pain is also her pain. CarterMatt reports her preoccupation with him may cause problems for her and Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer). The couple finally started to be more open about their feelings and were heading to a good place last season.

"Chicago P.D." season 4 will return this fall on NBC.

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