'Clash of Clans' news: iPhone players still annoyed by flooding game notifications

(Facebook/Clash of Clans)Last month's update on "Clash of Clans (COC)" ushered in annoying notifications for the players. Despite the additional update made by Supercell, iPhone "COC" players still get flooded with notifications as the update only works on Android users.

While the update on "Clash of Clans (COC)" last month was a welcome to the addicted players of the undeniably popular game, it was marred by the constant notifications that the fans got from the game itself as it interrupted their game. In its attempt the pacify the uproar of the players, Supercell released an optional update that enables the players to time their notification updates so that they can come every 12 hours only. Despite this, though, iPhone "COC" players cannot fully celebrate as the optional update is not applicable to their device.

Those playing "COC" on their Android device are now happy that they can filter their game notifications with the help of Tasker and Notification Listener. However, the same thing cannot be said about "COC" players who use an iPhone when playing the game as the update does not apply to their device. According to Neurogadget, if iPhone players filter their game notifications, they end up blocking all of them. This means that they can no longer be alerted if their army is ready for a battle, or if the hero countdown timer has already reached zero.

Meanwhile, one of the new things that happened to "COC" along with the arrival of its update last month is the inclusion of Baby Dragons as the newest troop in the game. However, for players who have played "COC's" sister game, "Clash Royale," Baby Dragons are not really new as they are also found in the said game. Hence, the update enabled a "Clash" crossover.

According to iDigital Times, the Baby Dragons are unlockable at Town Hall 9 and come with a special power mode boost. They turn purple when they are lonesome. However, when several of them are released at once, their attack speed and damage amounts will be gone, which is a contrast to what they can do individually.

Apart from the Baby Dragons, another "Clash Royale" crossover to "COC" is the Miner Troops. These troops can be unlocked at Town Hall 10, and they are capable of underneath defenses, such as walls, and just appear at their next targets.

Other things that arrived with the "COC" update last month are Dark Elixir spell, Elixir spell, and the Friendly Challenge play mode, which enables "COC" players to test their own defenses through friendly attacks by their fellow players in the same clan.

With these updates, there is no denying that "COC" has, indeed, even become more riveting, and it won't be surprising if more gamers become more addicted to it.

However, iPhone "COC" gamers can only wonder when they can finally fully enjoy the updated game without the hassle of the flooding notifications.

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