'Dark Souls 3' DLC release news: two DLCs confirmed; first one set for this fall

(Bandai Namco)A screenshot from "Dark Souls III." From Software Hidetaka Miyazaki has confirmed that the first DLC for the game will be released this fall.

From Software's adventure role-playing title that is "Dark Souls III" is still one of the much talked about and critically acclaimed games this year. With its current success, hardcore fans are now asking when the game developer will be releasing downloadable content for the game. It seems that these players are in luck since it was confirmed by From Software's president that the game's first expansion is scheduled to be rolled out this fall.

In a recent interview, From Software president and game designer Hidetaka Miyazaki was asked if there is a possible expansion coming since most of the players have already finished the main story of the game. Miyazaki replied on a quite positive note and said that he's not even sure about giving such details without blurting out the game segment's shocker. However, he further explained that all he can discuss right now is that his team is currently in development of two expansions for "Dark Souls III," one of which will be out this fall and the other will be released early next year.

As aforementioned, Miyazaki added that they are currently working on the first expansion of the game that includes a new setting, new storyline, additional weapons and battle gear, and even stronger adversaries that would make players feel like it's a brand new "Dark Souls" title.

Moreover, as previously reported, there are speculations that the yet-to-be-announced DLCs may showcase time travel and might have stunning backgrounds.

Released over three months ago, "Dark Souls III" is the fourth installment of the game franchise. Furthermore, game publisher Bandai Namco has hailed the title the best-selling game in the company's history that has sold over three million units of the game in just a couple of months after it was introduced to the gaming public.

Meanwhile, now that it's confirmed that "Dark Souls III" will be having two DLCs, fans will just have to wait until the first one will be dished out this fall.

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