'Downton Abbey' Christmas special: Maggie Smith assures there won't be any spin-off for her character

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The sixth and final season of "Downton Abbey" aired its last episode mere hours ago and while fans are incredibly heartbroken that the most recent episode would be the series' last, they do have the upcoming Christmas special to look forwards to.

Season 6, episode 8 went on air last November 8, 2015. The broadcast was nothing short of eventful however arguably one scene towards the tail-end of the airing have most tongues wagging. The episode saw Mary finally admitting she has feelings for Henry. While she is hesitant to become romantically involved again considering Matthew's blindside of a death, she finally agrees to marry Henry.

Details surrounding the upcoming Christmas special have been scarce. However, the lack in information has not stopped fans from speculating about a spin-off movie following the broadcast in December. While the rumored film has remained nothing but a mere rumor, one notable cast member has since confirmed that should there be another adaptation, she would choose not to be part of it.

Before the sixth season finale, the Dowager Countess a.k.a. Maggie Smith sat down with Vanity Fair to discuss her plans after her stint on 'Downton Abbey.' During the interview, the seasoned actress revealed that she is more than happy to see the show end when it was to decided for it to. For her, it doesn't make sense to prolong the story especially considering the age of her character.

"I'm glad it's over, I really am. By the time we finished [the Dowager Countess] must have been about 110. It couldn't go on and on, it just didn't make sense."

She further hinted that with the way her character bid's the series farewell in the Christmas special, there is certainly no way to revive her for a spin-off film.

"I pleaded for something to happen to me" during the annual Christmas special."

The upcoming final broadcast of 'Downton Abbey' is scheduled on December 25, 2015.




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