'Final Fantasy 7 Remake' release date in 2017 or a year later

(Square Enix)A screenshot of the upcoming "Final Fantasy VII Remake." Seen in the photo is Cloud Strife.

Last year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) came with a surprise especially to fans of the "Final Fantasy" franchise as game developer Square Enix announced the development of "Final Fantasy VII Remake." Fans have long been waiting for the game to be released, and now that E3 2016 is getting near, gamers are expecting more details from Square Enix.

The game developer's lineup is quite full at the moment, but it's certain that it will definitely leave a space for "Final Fantasy VII Remake." Now that "Final Fantasy XV" is all set for a September release, Square Enix, aside from "Final Fantasy VII Remake," might focus on some of its popular titles like the "Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age" and the third installment for "Kingdom Hearts III."

Moreover, Square Enix revealed a few months back that "Final Fantasy VII Remake" will be split into several full-length games instead. By doing such, it will mirror what Square Enix did to the "Final Fantasy XIII" where it was divided into three titles. This would mean that future segments of "Final Fantasy VII Remake" will be supplemented as downloadable contents (DLCs).

The game's official trailer shows some changes in terms of combat style and its workaround, but what is yet to be known is what Square Enix altered or retained within the game. These clearly indicate that the game developer is deep at the first part of the game's remake and there's a possibility that fans will be getting more information in the upcoming E3 2016 that will happen in a week's time.

YouTube / PlayStation

Meanwhile, the aforementioned game, "Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age," is set for a PlayStation 4 debut next year in North America and Europe.

There are speculations that "Final Fantasy VII Remake" will be released September 2017, since the earlier mentioned "Final Fantasy XV" will hit the stores Sept. 20, 2016. There are rumors, though, that the remake could be bumped further in 2018.

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