'Final Fantasy XV' release date update: Expect a unique climate and topography

Fans can expect a unique climate and topography in the upcoming game "Final Fantasy XV," as confirmed by the game's environment artist himself.

(Final Fantasy XV Official Website)"Final Fantasy XV"

In a recent interview with "Final Fantasy XV's" environment artist, Hiromitsu Sasaki, by the game developer, Square Enix's, blog, it was revealed that the team has created a whole new atmosphere for the game.

Sasaki is the lead Environment artist of the dungeon team. They are the ones responsible for designing the game's backdrops. At the time when the interview was conducted, his team was in the stage of fine tuning the lighting and textures in the dungeons.

He shared the process of coming up with the details of the visuals, how it will tie up with the overall theme of the game, and the importance of these details to the overall feel of the game.

He said: "For 'FFXV' we started creating the world terrain from the continental level, with the mountain ranges and the flow of the rivers etc. and have polished it to a level where each region and location actually has its own unique climate and topography."

Sasaki also shared how designing the dungeon and its elements can also make him in charge of the game's rules and regulations. Since the game is governed by a lot of rules, as an environment designer, he is in some ways also involved in fine tuning those rules.

He mentioned the height of a terrain as example. Most monsters fight on a flat terrain, but when the angle of the slopes is changed to, for example, very steep, then the dynamics of the battle will also complement to it. He added, "In that sense, 'FFXV' really pushes the rules of the environment so there are heated debates on how those rules should handle things."

Square Enix remains tight lipped on the game's release date but Gaming Bolt speculates that it will be launched this month.

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