'Flappy Bird' may fly back to mobile games stores, but warning users to take a break

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)Flappy Bird.

'Flappy Bird' author Dong Nguyen, gave an extensive interview to The Rolling Stone on March 11th, sharing to the magazine that he has received offers for the rights to Flappy Bird but turned them down. However, according to USA TODAY, Nguyen is considering to send the game back to Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

Flappy Bird gained popularity, rising to the top charts of Google Play Store and Apple iTunes Store earlier this year. The game features a bird which lets players explore between pipes and tap the screen to keep the flying bird airborne.

At its climax of popularity, Vietnam-based Nguyen abruptly removed the game from the mobile app stores, sharing later in an interview with USA TODAY that "addiction" to the game was what prompted him to remove Flappy Bird from the app stores. The game author said he did not expect the game's effects, that it would cause addiction in people. That is the reason which made him feel bad, and thinking removing it was the best thing to do.

Rolling Stone said Nguyen still earns much income even after Flappy Bird was removed. He gets it from players who were able to download the game before he removed it.

The Vietnamese game author said he is now working on three new games – a flying game called Kitty Jetpack, a cowboy-themed shooter, and "action-chess." He plans to launch the games later this month.

While his Flappy Bird was absent in cyberspace, many clones came into existence and are generating waves on app stores. Among the top 10 free apps in the the Apple's iTunes Store, five are Flappy Bird clones.

If Flappy Bird eventually would return, Nguyen will incorporate a warning to users to "take a break."

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