Galaxy Pro Series: Samsung Takes Down Three Tablet Rivals in One Ad

(Photo Credit: Samsung)The Samsung Galaxy Tab pro 12.1 inch tablet

Samsung has once again made an ad that mocks not only one competitor, but three, for its Galaxy Pro Tab lineup. The Korean hardware maker slams the iPad, Surface and Kindle tablets from manufacturers Apple, Microsoft and Amazon respectively. The ad is entitled "Galaxy Pro Series – It Can Do That".

An article in The Inquirer talks about the Korean company's new commercial ad with its video.

The Inquirer notes the Galaxy Tab pro ad wags its finger at rivals for having lower-quality visuals and bulkier builds. People who own the other gadgets defend them, but not without withering stares from their colleagues.

The ad first mocks Apple's iPad for not being able to do two things at once. It shows that the Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 tablet can do that courtesy of its split-screen or multitasking mode. Later in the ad, Samsung mocks the iPad's "sub-par" display when an iPad owner tells her friend that the latter's Samsung looks better than her iPad because it has more pixels.

The second target is Microsoft's Surface tablet. The video shows a man being ridiculed by his pals for using the Windows 8 tablet. A friend asks him if he can "move his laptop a little bit" to which he responds that it was in fact a Surface tablet. His friends then ridicule the Surface tablet's keyboard, battery dock and mouse.

The third target is Amazon's Kindle tablet. It mocks the Kindle's inability to look up things in a YouTube app. When the tablet's owner asks what Kindle can do, she simply replies "books".

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