Gettysburg Museum to auction animatronic Abraham Lincoln

(Photo: Flickr / HarshLight)The audio-animatronics figure of Abraham Lincoln used at the 1964/1965 NY World's Fair, inside Walt Disney: One Man's Dream at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

As if going to an amusement park or museum and seeing life-sized, life-like dolls of dead people was not creepy enough, people may now own a number of life-sized Civil War figures in animatronic form in their home.

A museum that focuses on perhaps the bloodiest battle in the Civil War, is preparing to do some renovating, and the process includes selling off some of their antiques and animatronics of prominent Civil War figures, among which is a life-sized version of United States President Abraham Lincoln, Reuters news agency reports.

The museum selling off the items is the American Civil War Wax Museum is one that is built around the Battle of Gettysburg and was founded in 1962, just one year before the century anniversary of the battle.

The museum is now in the process of changing itself from focusing on the Battle of Gettysburg to expanding its history telling into the town itself, as an effort to inform people that the town had more than the bloody battle.

"We want people to understand that Gettysburg was a thriving community before the battle - there were three weekly newspapers, they had gas street lights, two institutions of higher learning and a carriage-making industry, which became non-existent after the battle," said Gettysburg Heritage Center Tammy Myers.

A total of 95 life-size wax figures, two oil paintings of the first U.S. Presidents George Washington and John Adams, and other antiques and vintages will be sold in addition to the Abraham Lincoln animatronic.

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