Google Glass price-tag worth it? Glass to display iPhone text messages

(Google)Google Glass

Google, Inc. said Apple iOS users will see text messages to their iPhones displayed on Google Glass starting this weekend. Glass can already receive SMS texts from Android-based devices.

Due to limitations with iOS, users won't be able to reply to their texts using Google Glass. Users will only get a notification on Glass whenever they receive a text message.

Users will be able to turn on the feature by going to their iPhone's Bluetooth settings, and selecting "Show notifications" for their paired Glass. 

Glass is part of a huge Google campaign promoting connected wearables. Allowing texting from iOS is a major step toward this goal.

SMS for Glass is among a number of Google initiatives aimed at making Glass more practical for everyday use. The Andriod KitKat OS, the newest version of Google's Android operating system for mobile devices, was installed on Glass devices during the one-day Glass sale last week. 

An increasing number of Google Web services, called Glassware by Google, are now available for Glass. Available Glassware are Gmail, Google and Google Play Music.

An upcoming Glassware release will see a Calendar app coming to Glass. The software lets people respond to events, or delete them, from their Glass headsets.

The current version of Glass isn't capable of making video calls. Pundits believe that privacy concerns helped trigger the decision to remove the video function. That this could be the case bolstered by Google's request against improperly using Glass.

"Consider etiquette and common sense when taking video. For example, refrain from broadcasting events or content where such activity is prohibited (e.g. movie theater)," Google wrote on its help page for the Glass video.

Last week, Google Glass was on sale for one day, priced at $1500 for a pair. Only time will tell whether the wearable device is worth the high cost.  

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