Google releases update for Android Store, protects buyers from accidental purchases

The Times of India is reporting  Google is rolling out an update to the Play store which adds the option to activate password-protection for each purchase in the store.


Google has done so just days after a woman filed a lawsuit against the company over accidental buys worth $66 in an Android app.

Enabling password-protection will prompt you for a password in every purchase you will make in the Play store - whether for an app or within an app.

Currently, the system only requires a password if it detects a gap that is more than half an hour between your current buy and the last purchase. The update is out for Android users. The password-protection works similar in making purchases in the iOS stores on iPads and iPhones.

Once updated, the Play store will give three options with regard to the password setting: one-enables password-protection for every buy; two-password protection is every 30 minutes and three- disable password.

The Play store likewise has several distinctive features such as "batch install". This is useful when you move to a new Android phone. If you go to "My Apps" in the store, select from the list multiples apps and install. All apps will install in a single go, instead of installing them one by one.

The lawsuit against Google is filed in California when the five-year-old son of the woman accidentally bought in-game item in Run Jump Smash. Similar grounds were faced by Apple earlier. The company paid 37.5 million - $5 million for the case to settle and $32.5 million in fine.

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