Google Wallet and Google Translate - Latest Wednesday Android updates plus 'Light Flow' info

(Photo: Flickr / Warren Ski)Google Android phone updating.

Observation Deck is starting to post anything about Android; and Google has been doing updates every week, especially on Wednesdays. Android updates this week are focused on Google Wallet and Google Translate which are detailed below. The post gives some bonus info about a cool app called 'Light Flow'.

Google Wallet

The latest Android update of Google Wallet brings notification and tracking support for orders online. It means if you get an email for your order in your Gmail, which is similar to what you use for Wallet, it will be officially tracked. You will be notified about it within the Google Wallet app itself.

Whether it be a personal order, or for work and business, it keeps you updated on all your order statuses. You can already download the application package file (.apk) for this.

Google Translate

Another update lands for Google Translate. It has been significantly updated with handwriting support for more than a dozen new languages, including: Telugu, Tamil, Somali, Punjabi, Persia, Mongolian, Maltese, Kannada, Hmong, Gujarati, Cebuano, Bosnian and Arabic. Likewise, the APK-file for this can already be downloaded.

'Light Flow Lite' and 'Light Flow'

In other news, there is now an app that lets you make use of the LED lights on your phone to determine who sent you a text message, by just looking at the light notifications.

Light Flow helps you check the status and notification bar of your phone without having to wake the phone. Once installed, you will be given full control of the LED built into your smartphone or tablet, if it has built in LED light or notifications, which most likely it has.

Your notification sound is usually the same for all notifications. You get a message and do not know where it came from, until you wake the phone and check.

With Light Flow, you can associate a color to a certain person such as your parent, spouse, kids, friend and others. When your notification of a text message comes, you will know where it comes from just by looking at the light.

Light Flow Lite is free, while the Light Flow app costs $2.49 but covers more apps.

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