'Grand Theft Auto 6' release tipped to be in 2018; game to be set across the United States

(Twitter, @RockstarGames)

Ever since "Grand Theft Auto 5" was released two years ago, fans of the open-world adventure game have been hoping that it would not take a decade before another game is released. New rumors that have surfaced seem to indicate that "Grand Theft Auto 6" will be launched in 2018, with some big name actors voicing the lead roles.

There have also been reports that "GTA 6" will be bringing back the popular six star wanted levels that were last seen as a feature in "GTA 4." Game developer, Rockstar, is also said to be introducing a novel feature that would let fans choose to play a cop character instead of one of the bad guys, something that would undoubtedly appeal to more pacifist players.

Another rumor that "Grand Theft Auto" fans are hoping has a ring of truth to it is the location for the next offering. There were initial reports that the next game will be set in another country, but now it seems gamers will be running tricks around the entire United States.

Some sites have also likened Rockstar's plan of featuring big name stars to voice the characters to that of the now defunct "Silent Hills" casting of "Walking Dead" star, Norman Reedus, to portray the main character. Fortunately for Rockstar, not only is a next installment a given, but Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are said to be onboard the project. This is a very interesting strategy that might even get the game some additional fans.

"Grand Theft Auto 6" is expected to be released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles only. So this means that gamers who want to play the next installment of GTA should be saving up for those consoles as the developer has no choice but to stop releasing the game due to the older consoles' incompatibility with the game's new graphics and specs.

"Grand Theft Auto 6" is also expected to be available on PC.

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