'Grey's Anatomy' season 11 episode 15 spoilers: Meredith's successful surgery streak threatened after earthquake strikes

(ABC)An earthquake threatens Meredith's successful streak of surgeries.

If viewers thought that last week's episode of popular medical drama "Grey's Anatomy" was too much to handle, this week's episode is sure to bring some aftershocks. In episode 15 titled "I Feel The Earth Move", fans will watch the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial hospital operate on crisis mode as an earthquake shakes the ground below.

As several seismic waves hits the hospital, a scared Maggie (Kelly McCreary) is trapped in an elevator, according to the episode's synopsis by ABC. While it isn't clear if she'll be trapped with a patient in need of urgent medical care, like George O'Malley (T.R. Knight) in one episode, it is certain that this will threaten Meredith's (Ellen Pompeo) long streak of successful surgeries. Meredith is left to manage the operation room alone. Fans know that a highly ambitious and determined Meredith will do everything in her power to keep her ongoing streak of success.

The rest of Seattle will also be plagued with seismic activity. The official trailer for the episode reveals that an 11-year-old boy calls the hospital and reports that his mother can't move. Unable to provide medical care, Owen (Kevin McKidd) is forced to give medical advice to the boy or risk his mother's death due to suffocation, reports the International Business Times. Owen dishes advice to the child, "I'm going to need you to get a knife" but it seems things take a turn for the worse when he yells "Push hard!" before the trailer ends. Will Owen and the boy be successful in saving his mother?

The synopsis also indicates that Ben (Jason George) will open up to Jackson (Jesse Williams). Can the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial hospital save lives and help others as a jolting earthquake rocks all of Seattle? Find out on Thursday, March 12 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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