'GTA 6' release date: game to have big map but release seems delayed

"GTA 6" to have bigger map

Rumors about the game "Grand Theft Auto 6" have been arriving thick and fast, but there are no indications when it will be released. Among the recent bit of positive rumors about the game is that the map could be extremely large.

The rumors surrounding the map in the upcoming "GTA 6" game were reported by a user on Reddit and it was subsequently picked up by a variety of sites. In this particular rumor, the user with the name VermillionDemonFox went on to state that the map will be unique compared to others that have been released so far in the "Grand Theft Auto" gaming franchise. He specifically outlined how it would be a combination of all the maps that were released for the games published in the franchise. Also, in the new map, the area of San Andreas is expected to be in the southwest and within it will be the territory of Las Venturas. Vice City, San Fiero, and Liberty City are all going to find a place in the huge map that is being planned.

However, this particular rumor is not only based on an assumption made by a single gamer but also on an earlier statement made by Leslie Benzies in 2012. At that time, Benzies, who represented the developer Rockstar, stated that they would like to have one world that would be a mix of all the cities featured in other games. This mash-up of cities will allow players to revisit areas that were their favorites in other games and thereby maintain their links with them.

Recently, however, Benzies has left Rockstar and has initiated a lawsuit against the company claiming that he is due $150 million in unpaid royalties. Other news about the game has hinted that its release date has been delayed because Rockstar is concentrating on "GTA Online." However, it appears that even though the location of the game has not been finalized, work has already kicked off for the upcoming "GTA 6."

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