'GTA 6' release date, rumors: setting rumored for London, will feature futuristic cars and teleportation options

(Facebook/GTA V)Shown in the picture is "GTA 5." Rumor has it that "GTA 6" will have futuristic cars that can travel through teleportation.

Despite the curiosity and the excitement of the fans, there is still no solid piece of information that can offer what they can expect from the next "Grand Theft Auto" (GTA) game as Rockstar Games has been mum on any of its details. However, according to some sources, the upcoming "GTA 6" game may either have San Diego, California, or London as its backdrop.

According to reports, it is likely for the game to be set in San Diego as the said Californian city has all the elements that will surely fall in the good graces of any gamer — thanks to its man-made structures and natural beauty. While this rumored location will surely add beauty to the game, there are also other unverified reports, though, claiming that it will not be the case.

Meanwhile, other sources claim that the upcoming game will be set in London, and not in San Diego. According to the online publication, it is very possible for the game to employ the said European city as the setting of the game as most of the people working on it are British.

In the event that "GTA 6" will, indeed, be set in London, it is said that it is also possible for the game to use right-hand drive cars. However, these cars will not just be like the ones that "GTA" gamers have been accustomed to as, reportedly, they will be futuristic right-hand drive vehicles.

Furthermore, the alleged futuristic element of "GTA 6" will not be limited to the cars that it will feature as it is also rumored that the game will come with a teleportation option that will make the travel time of the vehicles happen in just a split of a second.

In the event that the mentioned rumors turn out to be true, indeed, there is no denying that it will be another exciting game worth waiting from Rockstar. Unfortunately, though, gamers cannot expect to lay their hands on "GTA 6" anytime soon as, reportedly, it is still waiting for the newest generation of consoles, such as the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Two, before it will be released in the market.

As the said consoles are not slated to arrive earlier than 2020, it goes without saying that "GTA 6" will not be available as well until such time, according to rumors.

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