'HTC One M10' rumors: device expected to feature better battery life and camera, and release 2-3 months after the One X9

(Reuters/ Eduardo Munoz)

HTC wants to go big in 2016, and rumor has it that it will do so by releasing two flagship devices close to each other, the HTC One X9 and the HTC One M10.

HTC will reportedly launch the One X9 sometime in the first quarter of the coming year. The handset is said to follow the design of the One A9 and will probably cost around $499.

On the other hand, the HTC One M10 will allegedly launch right after the One X9 rolls out. The information was tweeted by HTC ROM developer LlabTooFeR, who posted that the HTC One M10 will be released two to three months after the One X9. This would put it in line for a spring launch, in order to have a reasonable gap between the two devices.

HTC has a lot riding on the One M10, especially after the less than stellar reviews the HTC One M9 got due to its overheating issues, downgraded battery and uninspired design.

At the moment, very little is known about the One M10. It's not even confirmed if HTC will come out with the M10 or if it will go with an altogether new device. But some sites, like "Tech Radar," have collated what consumers want to see in HTC's next flagship device.

Design-wise, it seems that HTC will have a challenging time topping the almost-perfect design of the M8 and the M9. But some changes can still be made in the area where the HTC logo is placed so as to maximize that extra space. A better battery is also one thing that HTC enthusiasts would like to see in the M10, as most were disappointed with the downgraded battery of the M9. As it stands, consumers are expecting the next HTC handset's battery life to last for at least two days. There have also been rumors of the M10 supporting wireless charging, which is something that people would undoubtedly embrace.

The "Android Pit" site has suggested that the M10 should come with at least a 5-inch to 5.2-inch display screen, a better camera with enhanced autofocus technology and USB Type-C support. A fingerprint scanner is also something that can boost the One M10's marketability. Luckily, HTC is already interested in this feature as some of its devices, like the HTC One Max and the M9 Plus, already carries it.

HTC hasn't officially announced anything regarding the One M10 so it's best to take all the rumors and speculations about the alleged device with a grain of salt.

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