'Hunter X Hunter' rumors: New writers may replace creator?

(Facebook/Hunter X Hunter)Hunter X Hunter's Yoshihiro Togashi is speculated to make a return to finish his dream creation.

Many readers of the hit manga series "Hunter X Hunter" are still upset that a new chapter has not yet been released. This is allegedly due to the health condition of the manga's creator, Yoshihiro Togashi. Now, there are rumors that the publisher of the series, Shueisha, is considering other options to continue the story.

The production of new chapters for "Hunter X Hunter" continues to be delayed since the back pain of Togashi is reportedly not getting any better. The writer has taken another hiatus and many fans are hoping that his condition will improve soon.

According to reports, this is not the first time that Togashi has asked for a break from the publication due to his back pain. Back in April 2014, the production of new chapters was halted in order to give way for the recovery of the creator of the manga series. He returned in April this year and many readers were happy since they had waited for a long time. However, the joy of the fans was short-lived since he only managed to produce 10 chapters before he took another break.

A number of fans were disheartened with the news because a new plot arc was supposedly beginning in the series, which is the Dark Continent Arc. The return of the creator is still indefinite and there are already rumors that he may soon retire.

Furthermore, there are reports that Shueisha will consider to look for new writers for the manga. Even though there will allegedly be new writers, Togashi will still be a part of the project and could maybe act as a consultant. Some fans were happy at the thought of this. At the same time, other loyal readers were worried that the new writers might not have the same level of creativity as Togashi.

Hopefully, Togashi's health will get better in the future. Meanwhile, there are rumors that chapter 361 will be released on February 2017.

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