Three judge panel deliberates on Immigration Reform ruling

U.S. President Barack Obama delivers remarks on immigration reform at Del Sol High School in Las Vegas, January 29, 2013. Photo: Reuters / Jason Reed

President Barrack Obama's immigration reform program is currently on hold following U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen's preliminary injunction  filed at the behest of states opposed to the proposed actions.

Judge Hanen's previous ruling has prevented the Obama administration from implementing specific policies that could effectively allow more than 5 million "illegal immigrants" to stay in the United States.

April 17, representatives from the Department of Justice made their case to allow the administration to push through with the President's executive order on immigration even as the case on the validity of Judge Hanen's ruling was in the appeals court.

For its part, the Deapartment of Justice termed Judge Hanen's injunction as a "sweeping order that extends beyond the parties before the court" and harms the government's ability to marshal its resources and protect "border security, public safety and national security."

The opposing states, meanwhile, have argued that the proposed program by the Obama administration is a "massive new program that dispenses with immigration law and grants work permits and lawful presence status to millions of unauthorized aliens." The proposed reforms are viewed by the opposition as a form of amnesty and would be unconstitutional.

CNN said in a report the attempt to move forward with the program through the appeal will be difficult as two of the three judge panel hearing the case are Republican appointees who are potentially "hostile to the position."

Peninga a ruling, the panel is deliberating on the case. The judges on the panel have yet to say when they will rule.

Demonstrators and protestors rallied outside the Court of Appeals during the special hearing in support of the immigration reforms.


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