'Jane the Virgin' season 3 premiere spoilers: Jane loses it...to Michael or Rafael?

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Following the unfortunate events that transpired in Jane and Michael's much-anticipated wedding, fans are now wondering what's next for Jane and her husband who may be fighting for his life at the moment.

Earlier this week, showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman told Entertainment Tonight that Jane (Gina Rodriguez) will finally give up her virginity in the upcoming season. "Yes, yes, yes - it's happening! She'll lose her virginity this year for sure," Urman confirmed.

The question is, who will have the honor of sleeping with her for the romantic and much-awaited night? Will it be her husband, Michael (Brett Dier), or is it going to be her baby's father, Rafael (Justin Baldoni)?

The Bitbag notes that if ever Michael becomes the person who will break Jane's chastity promise to her grandmother, it won't be shown in the first few episodes since Michael is in critical condition.

Michael was shot after his wedding to Jane and this could actually pose a threat to their relationship since Rafael is just nearby. Movie News Guide further suggests that Rafael may take advantage of the fact that Michael and Jane's romance is at risk so he can get close to Jane once more.

If Rafael gets into Jane's heart while Michael is struggling to stay alive, this could mean a whole new set of twists and turns in Jane's already complicated life. While it could do good for her child to be with his biological parents, it won't do well for Michael once he wakes up and realizes that he may have lost the person he's stood with all this time.

A much bigger storyline that viewers could also look forward to is the speculation that Michael might pass away from his gunshot wound. Though there is no word from production regarding the rumor, Rafael's fans will surely rejoice in case this happens.

There will be other things that the third season will focus on such as Xo's (Andrea Navedo) pregnancy, especially since Xo made it clear in the previous installment that she isn't interested in having more kids.

"Jane the Virgin" season three is slated to hit small screens on Monday, October 17 on The CW.

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