'Longmire' season 5 release date: Walt has the opportunity to resolve everything

(Netflix/Longmire Official Facebook Page)Netflix has renewed "Longmire" for a season 5.

The announcement made by Netflix last Oct. 30 has given "Longmire" fans a reason to rejoice. Netflix has heard the pleas of "Longmire" fans and the streaming service network has decided to renew the series for another season with 10 episodes.

It is rumored that Netflix will air the series in September 2016 following the schedule trend set by season 4. Filming for season 5 of "Longmire" will be in the spring of next year. By now, writer Tony Tost has surely started writing the script for the series. He even publicly shared it on Twitter last Dec. 6. The writer said that he is re-watching the series, which will likely be his basis for next season.

Lou Diamond Phillips (who plays Henry Standing Bear) told Variety about the experience they had in the last episode of season 4. Even though they were not given assurance for another season, they still gave it their all in every scene. He also agreed that Netflix is a good home for the show and said, "Absolutely. We were previously constrained to 42 minutes and as a result, a lot of my work hit the floor. With an additional 20 minutes, we can let those moments breathe and round out those characters and it's a much more cinematic experience episode to episode."

(Netflix/Longmire Official Facebook Page)Filming for "Longmire" season 5 will begin in spring 2016.

In the last episode of season 4, Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) was shown having some intimate moments with his new love interest Dr. Donna Sue Monahan (Ally Walker), but a mysterious intruder breaks into Longmire's house. It was a big cliffhanger in the season 4 finale, which is also one of the reasons why fans had requested for a season renewal, aside from the unsolved cases.

Fans of the show are surely thrilled by the news of its renewal, but it looks like they'll have to wait quite a long time before "Longmire" season 5 premieres.

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