'Mario Kart 8' DLC release date to be announced at E3 2016?

(Nintendo)The official "Mario Kart 8" poster.

Is Nintendo brewing a major surprise for millions of their "Mario Kart" supporters?

In the world of Nintendo, gamers and fans alike will no doubt agree that "Mario Kart 8" is one of the most entertaining and loved games from its entire roster. However, it's been a year since the release of the game's last downloadable content (DLC) upgrade, making fans clamor for newer and better add-ons to the game.

But did Nintendo finally take heed of their fans' request? A recent tweet from Nintendo Europe appears to be a teaser of something that will soon be unveiled. It read, "Good things come to those who wait. #MK8," which naturally placed fans all over the world in a state of near-frenzy. Avid supporters are now are getting very excited and are busy speculating about the possible release of a new DLC.


Also, according to Nintendo Life, the image that was included in the tweet is said to be of the Kalimari Desert which is originally from "Mario Kart 64," with a re-introduction to the Mario Kart scene in its "Mario Kart 7" on 3DS. So does this mean that the Kalimari Desert is also going to be a part of "Mario Kart 8" once the new DLC is released for public consumption?

If this tweet turns out to really be a teaser, it is a very well-timed one, considering that the Nintendo E3 2016 has been ongoing since June 14 and will end on June 16. Because of this, fans are becoming quite hopeful that the unveiling of the rumored "Mario Kart 8" update is going to occur during the Nintendo event at E3 in Los Angeles.

As of this writing, no official announcement has been made regarding the release of the much anticipated "Mario Kart 8" DLC, either via the ongoing Nintendo Expo or through other news or social media outlets.

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